Wecame As Romans "Understanding What We've Grown To Be"

Hari ini tanggal 13 Wecame As Romans telah merilis album mereka yang ber tittle "Understanding What We've Grown To Be" via Equal Vision Records album ini menurut saya memang Keren..

Di dalam album baru mereka ada 12 Track List :

1. Mis Understanding
2. Everything As Planned
3. What I Wish I never Had
4. Cast the First Stone
5. The Way That We Have Been
6. A War Inside
7. Stay Inspired
8. Just Keep Breathing
9. Views That Never Cease, to Keep Me From Myself
10. What My Heart Held
11. I Can't Make Your Decisions for You
12. Understanding What We've Grown to Be
Untuk mendengarkan full album mereka di sini
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