Sleeping Sorrows , Metalcore / Post - Hardcore ,Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Young lads from Ampang and Damansara having the feel to aspire to become one of the most exciting bands in Malaysia. We consists in a number of 6. 2 vocalists, 2 guitarists, A bassists and A drummer. Recruited in August 2010.

Still learning, young and naive. We broke into the underground scene in June 9th 2011, which we released our debut single called 'BEGUILER'. The very first moment we finished the song, it was definitely the highlight of all the times we had together as a band. It was pretty much of a success and we are very proud for what we've done. Full credit goes to Syed Aidil, a great friend of ours all the way from Kelantan, for helping us composing our first ever single, He played a huge part in it, he deserves the same amount of credit we get from you guys, which we really appreciate :)

There are more to come from us. We promise you we will make you guys proud. We pledge ourselves to make good music, and bring this scene up to another level.

Line Up Sleeping Sorrow :

Haziq - Vox/Growls

Muchris - Vox/High Screams

Nero - Lead Guitarist

Matt - Rhythm Guitarist

Fendie - Bassist

Jimmy - Drums/Clean Vocals

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Press Contact :
0176910641 - Fendie


Band Promotion 6069135623022896444

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