Darkest Hour - "Savor The Kill" E1 Music

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Director: Ramon Boutviseth

Darkest Hour have debuted their new music video for their track "Savor The Kill." The video was directed byRamon Boutviseth (All That Remains, Trivium). The track comes from their new album "The Human Romance" which just came out Tuesday, February 22nd on eOne Music.


Said the feral and six year old son
"The thrill of the hunt"
Says the prophet of all that's been said and done
"Savor the kill"

Unsettled severance undone
A non-living presence remember

Crawl until you fall over blown
Drifting to the beat
Separate from the world of thought
The world I believe

I'll show what you already know
Crop a twin belief
Not a preview for all the sin
They never believe

Come hail to separate the names
From all you wanted the world to

I'm no better than the
Animal in everybody
Changing your mind
Keeping your life in the

Why don't you ever notice
Everyone all thinks they know
The answer is wrong
Occasional seeing us off

You are the thawn
No master of your domain
There is no law

I'm no better than the
Animal in everybody
Changing your mind
Keeping your life in the world

Go out enter the cold dark night
Show your survival your purpose your plight

I'm no better than
I'm no better than
I'm no better than
The animal


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