Album stream Alesana A Place Where The Sun Is Silent

Alesana will release " A Place Where The Sun Is Silent " on October 18, 2011 via Epitaph Records.

Track Listing:
Act One: The Gate
1.The Dark Wood Of Error- 2:13
2.A Forbidden Dance- 3:53
3.Hand In Hand With The Damned- 4:36
4.Beyond The Sacred Glass- 6:03
5.The Temptress- 4:21
6.Circle VII: Sins Of The Lion- 4:09
7.Vestige- 2:58
8.Lullaby Of The Crucified- 4:48

Act Two: The Immortal Sill
1.Before Him All Shall Scatter- 0:54
2.Labyrinth- 4:04
3.The Fiend- 3:57
4.Welcome To The Vanity Faire- 4:37
5.The Wanderer- 1:37
6.A Gilded Masquerade- 4:35
7.The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Marionettes- 5:35
8.And Now For The Final Illusion- 3:43

For the entire album this is fucking good,,
setelah kesana kemari cari gratisa download album mereka sepertinya lagu-lagu mereka memang enak di denger tapi agak terganggu dengan vokal "Denis" seperti pindah ke alternative rock gitu .Tetapi tidak apa lah..menurut saya ini album mereka bagus kok..untuk album stremeing click here


New album 2241714363879954199

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