Mayday Parade - new album Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade rencanany akan merilis album mereka pada 4 oktober "3rd full length self titled"
Band emo ini telah memposting untuk full album streming ,bisa kalian dengarkan full album mereka di situs ini

Untuk track list album baru mereka  lihat di bawah ini :

1. Oh Well, Oh Well
2. No Heroes Allowed
3. When You See My Friends
4. You're Dead Wrong
5. Priceless
6. Stay
7. Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic
8. A Shot Across the Bow
9. Everything's An Ilusion
10. I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Make Nothing At All
11. Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn't As Sweet
12. Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet


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