Nullify - Alternativ Rock

Band Name :Nullify
Genre :Alternative Rock
City :Denpasar, Bali
Country :Indonesia
Bands Members:- Amad Abd' (Vocals)
- Erick (Guitar)
- Mankkoek (Guitar)
- Mahesa (Bass)
- Kurniawan (Drums)
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Biography:First of all, let us introduce this band that we name it “Nulliify”. This Alternative / Rock was made around 22 August 2009, but really made its movement on February 2010. The reason we choose the Alternative / Rock is that we combine all kind of source from rock it selfs. But the most we play here is on the way to Post-Hardcore and others.
We started this band with 5 people that are Amad (Vocal), Erik (Lead – Guitar), Mankkoek (Rhythm – Guitar), Echa (Bass), Kurniawan (Drums). We’re meeten from different backgrounds of musicality but when we made “Nullify”, we had chose the same thing to play on and try to combine all the thinkings and put a different touch on all of our songs.

We’re a band that really wants to give a different colour and taste with our own typical that no bands ever had. With the best skills from these 5 people, as we judge ourselves in the band, we made a success by combining all the difference here. Nullify’s Influence had come from all the great bands in the world.

Our hard working for quite a short time by exploring all the learnings had created some of our songs that we hope can be accept by the public. And while the time flows, we did it. All we hoped had come true and the public loves it. We’ll be trying to make good music, different, and ofcourse waited by all the people, especially in our home town, Bali.


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