NATALIE (Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort)

Band Name:NATALIE (Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort)
Genre:Punk Rock
Bands Members:Slims - Vocals, Guitar
Gantar Nugidirga - Guitar, Vocals
Alevandal Michael - Bass, Vocals
Ronal - Drum
Contact Person:021-822-7144
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Biography:Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort (Often abbreviated NATALIE or Nate) is a punk rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia. formed in last 2005 by Aldyslims (vocals, guitar), Rendi Nastian (bass), Erisko Ardika (drums). Their sound was a revitalizing blend of punk rock and grunge. You may be thinking this is something you’ve heard before, right? Wrong! They made it their life and owned it.

The band was first featured on Mata Angin's 2006 Liburan Di Bulan Vol.2 compilation, with the song "Better To Be Silence." A year later the second compilation, Release Your Songs was released nationwide by Akalliar, with the song "Thanks For Nothing". Rendi Nastian left the band after the compilation of "Release Your Songs". Soon after, Deni Hutajulu entered the band.

2008, Rendy Nastian and Deni Hutajulu left the line-up, and was replaced with bassist Alevandal Michael and Guitarists Andi Setiawan who took over on lead guitar so Slims could concentrate on singing and stick to rhythm. Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort also participated in SEA (South East Asia) compilation on that year, Day To Embrace, with the song "Everyday Is Sunday", which turned out to be a highly successful compilation album.

Kevin Wijaya replaced Erisko Ardika on drums soon after the project of Me My Mystery in last 2009. With the punk music breakthrough in 2010, Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort received much of complaints by friends and fans about their musical transition when they played live for the first time on Mivo TV, Their sound has evolved considerably through its career, taking on a much lighter brand of melodic punk as the years passed. compliments of their video for the song "Merdeka, Bebas, Tak Bertanggung Jawab" which was played on the Youtube video has made a new opinion about NATALIE. October 2010, Andi Setiawan left the band, In February 2011 the band announced, that they replaced Andi with Blutch's guitarist and founding member of Milestone, Gantar Nugidirga.

Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort is currently working on a new album, which is due for release in late 2011/early 2012. The album truly represented what hard work, dedication, empty pockets and a struggling family life could provide in return…motivation to do it even better! That brings us to the new chapter in NATALIE.

"GOD give us everything and we can do anything to set our, we doing nothing if we can't do it! but, we've been make it by ourselves without any compulsion...and it is for Nothing!!"


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