Justice In Silence - Hardcore

Justice In Silence Is :

Lucky - Drums
Khoose - Vocal
Aldy - Vocal
Tommy - Guitar
Eggi - Bass

Biography :

We are one of oldskool hardcore band that resides in the area of Depok, Justice In Silence has a concept that was originally fronted by Eggi (Bass), Lucky (Drums), Itsvan (Guitar), Khoose (Vocal), and Feddy (Vocal 2) which was established in 2005.

then over time, Justice In Silence body undergo many changes with the arrival of Tommy (Guitar), so the concept of the music even more dense and contain.
journey forever once the work of many songs that have been created and mingle with music lovers.

Until eventually the concept of large-scale changes have been undertaken, Aldy join in 2010 (Vocal 2) who replaced feddy, despite having a different sound character but we are still carrying the flag as our guidelines Oldskool Hardcore and ready to fight in a positive way our musical path.

CP : 085695989143 (Aldy) / 085697925255 (Angga)
Website : 

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