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We are First Holiday, more often than not, is referred as FH. FH is made up of Wan and Wunk as vocalists, Izan on drums, Azry and Azmi on guitars, Timo on bass and Daniaal on keyboard. FH started in the early year of 2010 and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We're focusing on pouring out our feelings through our pieces. Basically, we try to do our own thing and write whatever kind of music we feel like. Different sounds emerge with different moods. Whatever comes out naturally is fine with us, so we mix it up in a way that makes sense. Hopefully you will share our outlook and find some songs on our record that you really enjoy.

Other than that, we are a band of laborers, artists, scientists, students, and friends. Thanks for stopping by, do listen to our music and read our lyrics. We are constantly progressing in the type of sounds we create. We're learning now that the authenticity of music is one of its more rewarding attributes. Just make what you want and stick to your guns! It's fun to experiment.

Above all, we just love playing. This page was created, is maintained and used strictly by us, so feel free to be in contact. We greatly appreciate any and all support!


Hometown : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CP : Amirul Hadi - +60136412254

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Band Promotion 2737446687030225830

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