Woe Is Me Vocalist Baru

Band Rock asal Atlalta,GA ini telah merekrut vokalis baru untuk lagu mereka yang akan datang "#Vengeance" ,dia adalah Hance Alligood.

Band ini angkat bicara :

Welcome; Woe, Is Me welcomes they're newest member, & front man Hance Alligood to the plate. While also taking the time to express some new and up and coming things to expect from us all around the corner! ALSO: Stick around tell the end of the session to catch a SNEAK PEAK of our up and coming single "#Vengeance" due out at the end of THIS month! (September)


Kita tunggu apa perkembangan mereka... dan berikan tanggapa anda!!


Woe Is Me 8751422367968709764

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