MORE THAN KILL - Alternative / Post Hardcore

More Than Kill Is :
Biography :
Our form of a short initial meeting in 2009 while at school, accidentally Arief (vocalist), which was once the drummer in his band took Aldi and Luki (member of the Rock n Roll band "The Genius") to form a band called More Than Kill ..

The next Grace (drummer "Pioner Never") are invited to join because they need a rock drummer in the flow that we made, we stand in a formation that has not been perfect because the time to pursue an impromptu performing arts school and after how many months of walking, because we feel less need of a bassist and guitarist rhytym.

Join Rama (lead Guitar of the punk band "MGRC") and coupled with Bambang as a bassist, and formed is More Than Kill that existed until now with a sandstone formation ..

CP : Gia +628998963380

Hometown : Bekasi

Website :

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