Japan’s MYPROOF is a prime example of a band that push itself to the limits to every release to fully utilize their technical abilities. Their metal core sound from their beginning in 1999 up to their full length album “Reason for my justice” released in 2006 by Gods Child Music, has long been gone as they totally embraced the realm of melodic death metal starting with their “Sky of Destiny” ep released in 2007 through their own label, Akashi Inc., up to their newest ep “Pupil of Astraea”. Their change in musical direction seems like a natural progress for the band since they are too good to be contained in the saturated metal core genre. Despite the change in musical direction, their love for Japanese ballads and anime sounds is fortunately still intact thus we can rest assure that their music is still a refreshing listen, unique and most importantly still a representation of them being Japanese. Their past releases have been praised by both hardcore and metal critics worldwide and received rave reviews from metal and hardcore related webzines/magazines from around the globe. Their phenomenal ability to make mind lingering melodies, great song writing, unique anime sounding guitar solos, perfect blending of death metal growls and Japanese style ballad singing, and over all great musicianship will make you think why are they still relatively unknown in the metal world outside of Asia, the answer to this question is simple, it is because they are Asian. The metal community is committing a crime by ignoring talented non-American/European. If they will just open their mind they will discover that there are too lots of talented and phenomenal bands from Asia that deserves our support. TRINITY RECORDS will be reissuing their latest ep “Pupil of Astraea” tentatively May of this year with 3 bonus tracks. It will be available worldwide on cd format and digital format thru iTunes. Be prepared to be addicted to MYPROOF’s unique infectious music that you’ll never get tired even in repeated continuous listening. Their time to shine has already come. Naturalness within unnaturalness, or the gathering between sorrow and ecstasy.


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