Ancient necropsy : Altar Of Fire 2011 NteR (audio preview)

Recorded @ Iaj Sound Labs / Iaj Entertainment (May 2011)
Released By Nice to Eat You Records Coming un June of 2011 (Cz - Europe)
Line up: IV Ancient : All instruments.
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Altar of fire:

Monuments created for a deity,
spiritual request,
to give longevity, in the deep inside
of the human tears,
I created an altar.
Seeds of the age..
To be slave of the immortality.
Sulfur emanated
from the other side of the mirror.
a parallel universe
is opened to the beyond gates,
tears of gold reflected at the fire,
the seeds of the unknown
who give me powers,
I can feel it,
burning inside my black heart again..


Ancient necropsy 5052767490574465040

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