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Thank you for visiting the http://rocksoundhardcore.blogspot.com/
This blog I created for the purpose of:


1.1 Just to be my favorite channel hardcore music.

1.2 Does not intend to harm anyone.

1.3 I do not intend to seek Profit from this blogspot.

1.4 Will all be able to read and see the Hardcore/Rock band of foreing and domestic to the territory of Indonesia.

1.5 I'm sorry if my post is less complete.

1.6 If there is something wrong or incomplete in my blogspot pleasepost in justified.

1.7 Please cooperation in finding info on hardcore music


2.1 The visitors could see outside or in a country band that you really like.

2.2 Band info on this blogspot enough for you who love listening to music loud and frightening.

2.3 If you like the post article in my blog comments to comments in the box facebook.

2.4 This blogspot can be accessed in any country.

2.5 Thanks for visiting friends.

contact : rocksoundhardcore@yahoo.com 


Thank You 4367632396415989157

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